Website Design and Hosting

Fully Responsive

As people visiting your website are likely to be doing so from a variety of devices, from laptops to tablets to mobile phones, websites need to be specially designed to react to their screen sizes. Making it 'responsive' also helps make sure that your website appears towards the top of search engine listings.

Socially Connected

Spreading the word of exciting news from your school can be effectively achieved through Social Media. Your modern website needs to be linked to your Social Media accounts.

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Responsive, modern and intuitive

  • Planning menu structures and how they are presented to users
  • Making information easy to find
  • Optimising the load time of the website
  • Increasing the search engine ranking
  • Making it look great

All professionally taken care of for you.

Oftsed ready

We always build school websites with the requirements and recommendations from Ofsted and other organisations/authorities in mind.

In addition, thinking about the users (both staff and visitors) to make sure it is as intuitive as possible, is another prime consideration.

We now have a beautiful website that we can be proud of. A. School

Easily updated

We understand that if updating pages is an onerous task, websites get quickly out of date. That is why we build your content management system (CMS) to be as easy to use as possible. Administration pages look like the page you are updating and making changes is as easy as dragging and dropping pictures or typing into text fields.

Typically there are some central pages, such as the home page and news pages that are managed by the school office. Then you have a page for each class or year group to be able to update parents. Each page is password controlled so that only authorised users can make changes.

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