Schemes of Work

Complete plans for Computing lessons that can either be standalone or taught as part of a cross-curricular unit.

Enrichment Sessions

Structured days, for small groups to whole classes, that can be used for AGAT, SEN or just to give the children a different experience.

PPA Cover

We can provide regular slots that can be used for provision of the Computing curriculum. Tie them in with your PPA timetable.

No experience, no problem

Primary school teachers are being asked to teach all subjects to their classes, often despite not having learnt them themselves. With a specialist subject, like Computing, this can cause stress for teachers and often lead to less effective lessons.
Take the pressure off by covering material in one-off enrichment sessions or by organising more regular delivery.

Why not use our Computing specialists to cover PPA? PPA covered, Computing covered

Want to teach it yourself? How about a helping hand?

With packages to fit your needs, we can work with you to develop a curriculum plan that suits your school. Whether trying to incorporate topic work or teaching as a discrete strand, we can offer advice or complete schemes of work.

Often the process of developing the scheme, if done collaboratively, can be an effective way of practitioners developing or honing their Computing knowledge.

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