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LAN & WiFi

The arteries of your data network. We can implement a new system or ensure your current system is healthy.


With experience of information systems (MIS), Active Directory servers and web servers your systems are safe with us.

Complete filtering, with the flexibility that makes it work beautifully

Using Webroot's Web Classification service you can be confident with over 27 billion URLs across 83+ categories, enabling administrators to finely tune security and policy settings to keep users away from unwanted content. You can be confident that every site that your pupils look at is suitable.

We look after the majority of the work for you, but inevitably, as we err on the side of caution, legitimate sites can get caught up. We can add them to your safe URL lists or you can quickly and easily add them yourself; your choice.

We have manual control as well as being able to link into your login service, such as Active Directory, helping ensure you meet all of your statutory requirements.

Reliable infrastructure

From single sites to linked groups of schools or sites, we have solutions that fit your needs.

We can install a new network if you don't have one already; improve an existing network; or look at ways of getting more out of a working network.

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Our network is now what our staff dreamt of! Julia Foulger
Head Mistress, St David's College

Multi-Academy Trust Friendly

Often one of the key benefits from schools combining to form multi-academy trusts or groups within a diocese is collaboration. Sharing information saves time, money and allows the children to benefit from teachers and other staff who can keep innovating.

With a mixture of cloud solutions and traditional networked solutions, Complete-Ed can provide infrastructure that works on a school level, governor level and at a group level.

Independent Group Friendly

Independent schools are often part of a group of schools. If not, they are commonly run as a family business. Whether trying to leverage collaboration within a group or develop a functional system suitable for a small child-centric school, we can offer advice and solutions that suit your needs.

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