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Consolidate all of your administration. We can bring together HR management, PO processing and authorising, school trip processes, parent communications, club bookings, policy compliance, asset registers, IT/Maintenance ticketing, admissions CRM, visitor management and much, much more

We already offer a single place to manage more aspects of everyday school operations that most other MIS providers. With new modules being developed all the time, we are building a Complete-ed solution for all school administration.

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Convenient ordering, quick delivery, great pricing - backed up with top product support and advice.


Plan and implement your perfect network. Secure, fast and available all the time.


Modern school websites that look equally effective on laptops and mobile devices.


Struggling or just want some more ideas? Rich and cross-curricular, tailored for your school.


IT management, curriculum development or specifics e.g. 3D printing or robotics.

File Storage

Boost collaboration, ensure files are held securely and take control of administration.

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