In your interest

We see our customers as our employers. The better the deal we get you, the more likely you are to keep us employed. You can trust us to not only find the best price for you, but also help you make the best choices about what to buy.

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Whatever the project, we're there for you

Schools are different to other organisations. With experience in teaching as well as IT, our staff are uniquely placed to help make sure that your needs are catered for.

Whether you are looking for laptops, desktops, tablets, interactive screens, 3d printers, network infrastructure or printers, our staff will be happy to help give you advice or, if you want, take lead of a project to take a chunk out of your to-do list.

We are proud to offer services that are flexible with the operating hours of schools, and with an appreciation of the pinch-points that could add risk or stress to a project.

Brands include:

  • Samsung
  • Cisco
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Meraki
  • Fujitsu

Top brands, independent advice

We can supply equipment from many of the largest brands but as an independent supplier, we will try to find the best piece of kit for your needs, having listened carefully to your needs.

Buying equipment has never been easier with the customer portal Your own pricing available when you want it.


New screens, new server, new laptops?

Make the whole process of getting them configured, physically installed and users trained a breeze.

We can preconfigure devices so that the software you want is ready to use* when the user first logs in. They can also be set up for ongoing management in an MDM (Mobile Device Management) service.

Screens can be mounted on walls using fixed mounts or the latest motorised mounts for extra flexibility.

Network engineers can configure new access points, switches, routers and firewalls. They can also cable areas that are without or need better capacity.

Ongoing care

Getting the most out of investments doesn't finish once its delivered, however it needn't cost a fortune either.

Using the latest techniques, including MDM, consistency can be set through policy based systems. This reduces the maintenance costs as each computer or device is configured in the same way. Should something need individual care or attention, most things can be configured remotely saving time and frustration.

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